Water is a Human Right!

As part of the recognition of human rights in the constitution, the human right to water in Switzerland is enshrined at the federal level. The responsible bodies and persons of the city, municipality or institution are aware of how they contribute to the respect of the right to water and support each other in its implementation.


Water services remain in public ownership

In Switzerland, public control over water supply has existed for a long time. This political and institutional experience and the privileged position in the world legitimizes and obliges Switzerland to openly exchange experiences in the framework of international cooperation and to advocate for international institutional regulations and their enforcement.  


Drink tap water instead of bottled water

Internal operating structures, services and  events use drinking water from the public water supply wherever possible. Blue Communities refrain from transporting bottled water unless this is also disproportionate in the long term. Thus, at internal events, tap water is always offered as an alternative in addition to any bottled water that may be available.


A Blue Community commits to public partnerships with international partners

A Blue Community also campaigns for the right to water at the international level. It maintains long-term partnerships with cities, municipalities or institutions abroad. The exchange of knowledge and experience is promoted through the umbrella organization "Blue Community", which ensures networking and support with specialized agencies and individuals.


Blue Communities in Switzerland

Deep Blue

Information about the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. Background, Books and Autors, etc.

Blue News

Information directly related to the Blue Community are published on our social media channels:

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For our news service with some 20 entries daily on water and sanitation, follow the BLUE NEWS on Mastodon or on Linkedin


Blue Universities Network

Several Universities and Highschools in Switzerland are part of the Blue Community family. Beginning of September, a first exchange among these Swiss Blue Universities took place, organized by the Sustainability Team of the University of St. Gall.

On October 23rd, a first exchange among Blue Universities on international level took place, involving universities from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.

If you are interested in joining the Blue Universities network, contact Roland Brunner, Blue Community Zurich.

Further Informationen on the Blue University-Cluster here.

Blue Communities in Switzerland

All Blue Communities in Switzerland on our interactive map

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