The Blue Community Switzerland Advisory Group

The task of the Advisory Group is to support the coordination in an advisory capacity on strategic issues. For example, it is a matter of checking whether the activities of Blue Community Switzerland are in line with the core concerns of the global initiative, of contributing political or scientific know-how, or of deciding where lobbying and advocacy work should be carried out.

The Advisory Group includes the different "types" (clusters) of Blue Communities, i.e. a representative of a Blue University, a city, a church community and another civil society organization. Currently (as of June 2023), the Blue Community Monitoring Group consists of the following members:

  • Representative of a parish: Theo Hofer, parish of Biel/Bienne.
  • Representative of a university: unoccupied
  • Representative of a political municipality: Anita Haas, Presidential Department of the City of Bern
  • Representative of an NGO: Karl Heuberger, Theme Officer Water, HEKS
  • Scientific or political advisor: Andreas Kläy, former CDE, University of Bern
  • Head of OeME-Migration, Refbejuso: Heinz Bichsel
  • Synodal Councilor OeME-Migration, Refbejuso: Ueli Burkhalter
  • Coordinator Blue Community Switzerland, Refbejuso: Lisa Krebs

The support group meets about every three months.